Thematic Focus

Thematic Focus

The conference agenda is built around a series of Global Solutions. There will be up to 50 different sessions focusing on best practices, lessons learned and strategies for the future based on the following IACC Global Solutions:

Mobilising People: Connecting Agents of Change. Are we ready?

Ending impunity: Are we any closer?

After Rio+20: On the way to a transparent and sustainable future?

Dirty Money: A stolen future. How to restore people’s trust?

Corruption in Sports: Why the penalty to society?

People Power, Transitions and Corruption: What is our role?

Defining our future: Collectively shaping the global governance agenda

The specific session topics under each Global Solution will be published here in early August 2012.

 What we’ll provide?

  • The IACC Agenda in September
  • Bibliographies and Study Guides for each IACC theme and a repository of relevant academic articles through the Anti-Corruption Research Network
  • A collection of relevant news and articles
  • Customisable posters to announce the IACC University initiative at your institution
  • Instructions on how to set up the live video stream during the conference
  • A discussion forum for professors / course instructors and students

What you’ll need

  • Video camera or webcam
  • Lecture theatre or other space for events
  • Projector, or large screen linked to a laptop
  • High speed internet connection
  • Limited technological expertise
  • Time to engage your students in discussion ahead of and during the conference