IACC Hackathon


Would you like to come to the IACC Hackathon and collaborate to build projects to fight against corruption?

The first IACC Hackathon will happen during the 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference 2102 (Nov 7-10 in Brasilia, Brazil).

A Hackathon is an event where people use great ideas, information, data, open technologies and many lines of code to build projects that can solve problems that affect many others – just like corruption. These projects can be websites, social network applications, smartphone apps or even machines and cool hardware solutions. Not only hackers, but anyone interested in creating and building them can participate!

So that means that while the IACC Conference is happenning, hackers, citizens and organizations will have space and structure to work together and create projects that use technology to fight corruption.

We asked citizens and anti-corruption organizations and from all over the world: what problems related to corruption and transparency do you think should be addressed during the IACC Hackathon?

Here are some of the problems they think we should work on:

Next steps:

1. Take a close look at the problems page  – believe us, they are all inspiring!

2. You can look at other people’s comments on the problems page and form a team to work on the problem you chose. You can also can share your idea with your friends or co-workers, so they can help you to develop a solution for the problem. Don’t forget creating a name for your team (we will ask for this information when you are applying for a bursary).

3. If you need a bursary in order to participate on the Hackathon, use the form bellow to apply.

4. When working in teams, be aware that everyone who wants to come to the Hackathon and needs a bursary should apply – and let us know in what team they are already engaged for solving a problem.

5. We will also put you in touch with the person who submitted the problem, so you can exchange ideas on how to solve it.

6. Later on, you can be asked to submit a prototype of your solution to us.

7. We will select the best solutions and prototypes, and we will fund travelling expenses for ~30 people to come and join us at the Hackathon.

8. Meet interesting people at the conference and develop your prototype further.

Would you like to apply for one of our travel bursaries? So answer the questions bellow:

Thanks for applying!

Anyone who is coming to the 15th IACC Conference 2012 are invited to participate on the Hackathon. But hey, notice we are still collecting problems here (if you want to participate, but you don’t need a bursarie, tell us what problems you would like to work with and let us know you are coming!)

Results for this Open Call for Bursaries will come out on 10 October 2012. Participants will be informed by email and the list will be up on the IACC website soon :)

Any questions, write to hack@transparency.org