Pitch Your Workshop Session

Session Selection & Session Process

The IACC team and the 15th IACC Programme Committee shall select the successful proposals. Only proposal submitted in English will be accepted for review.

The IACC team at Transparency International will liaise with shortlisted workshop coordinators in order to review the proposal and/or suggest the inclusion of experts and/or other session proposals.

The session proposals shall be reviewed during the month of June. Prospective session coordinators shall be informed no later than 15 August of whether or not their session proposals can be given a space in the 15th IACC agenda.

Session background papers or presentations shall be delivered to the IACC team one month before the Conference (October 2012). The papers will be made available to IACC participants (via the conference website), helping to ensure their active involvement during the session. During the session, experts may introduce the highlights of their papers but the workshop’s aim is to ensure proactive discussions between the experts and the floor. Discussions should be focused on creating strategies, tools and partnerships, in line with the IACC objectives.

Important Information for Submitting a Session Proposal

  1. Proposals may only be submitted by the prospective session coordinator.
  2. Proposals must be submitted online via www.15iacc.org by 15 June 2012.
    UPDATE: The Call for Session Proposals has ended! Thanks to everyone who submitted his proposals.
  3. The prospective workshop coordinator must read the 15th IACC Conference Framework (this document) and guidelines before completing the session proposal form. Please note that the session coordinator guidelines are particularly important!
  4. The prospective session coordinator must take into account the deadlines set in the workshop coordinator guidelines. If the deadlines are missed the organisers reserve the right to offer the session space to another individual.

Session Selection Criteria

Those submitting successful session proposals will have:

  1. Clearly outlined their reasons behind pitching for either 1) the game changers sessions which address the Conference theme (this is for the next section), or 2) the IACC Global Solutions which are built around the plenary sessions I to V and the special plenary on Corruption in Sports.
  1. Integrated the Conference objectives as central elements of the workshop sessions.
  2. Explained how the session will help to reach the objectives set in the Conference theme, or the plenary respective plenary sessions.
  3. Demonstrated that the session will be solution oriented, incorporating ideas for the formation, implementation and strengthening of anti-corruption strategies and multi-sector partnerships and, more importantly, will have demonstrated to be clearly outlining advocacy and follow up actions.
  4. Ensured the design of an engaging, interactive or debate driven session. We are keen on seeing how you plan to engage your audience in the session. Please be as specific as possible.
  5. Contacted and verified the interest and availability of the moderator, rapporteur and experts before submitting the session proposal. The Conference organisers will not consider proposals whose workshop contributors will only be contacted if the proposal is successful.
  6. Ensured a regional, sector and gender balance.
  7. Completed all the sections of the proposal before submitting it.