The Workshop Session Formats

Proposal Type A: For IACC Game Changers Global Initiative Sessions

Important! Firstly, this section outlines the steps for submitting a workshop proposal under the IACC Game Changers Global Initiative. If you’d like to submit a session proposal for the IACC Global Solutions Sessions (type B), see the below section. 



Mobilising People: Connecting Agents of Change. Are we ready?

Ensuring that the fight against corruption reaches the point of no return

During the 14th IACC in 2010 the global anti-corruption movement agreed that the way  forward is to fight corruption by empowering, mobilising and connecting people from all sectors and countries, with an emphasis on women, young people and vulnerable groups. Since then movements; organisations and individuals in countries from north and south, east and west are testimony to the speed and strength in which people are standing up against corruption and impunity. People power is breaking the walls between countries, sectors, gender and generations. Are we ready to harness people power and take our fight to the point of no return?

During the Game Changer sessions the participants will provide recommendations on how the anti-corruption movement can connect with and support the movements and individuals around the world that are changing the rules of the game in order to take our fight to a point of no return.

Game Changers Global Initiative Sessions

Through these highly interactive sessions, this initiative will showcase solutions from all over the world that are creating irreversible change against corruption. To respond to the conference theme and take the fight for transparency and justice to a point of no return the Game Changers sessions will invite the participants to share their story of change and to collectively shape our future agenda, one that supports and empowers all those who are willing to change the rules of the game.

The game changers sessions will encourage the participants to contribute to the discussions by answering one key question: How are you changing the rules of the game?



Objectives & Umbrella Topics

The Game Changers sessions will be structured around the following umbrella topics: Innovating: Sharing and supporting new solutions against corruption

Mobilising: Scaling people’s mobilisations against corruption to a global level

Supporting: Victims, witnesses and whistleblowers

Connecting Game Changers: Bringing new coalitions across sectors, countries and specialities.

These Game Changer sessions will:

  • Showcase high impact strategies
  • Test new ideas
  • Connect people from difference sectors, specialities and nationalities
  • Create opportunities for scaling up proven solutions
  • Promote cross-sector and cross-regional work


6 Steps to Submit Your Game Changers Proposal

Step 1. Familiarise yourself with the Conference theme, its rationale & Game Changers Global Initiative objectives

Step 2. Read the session format outline and ensure you are understand the envisaged format

Step 3. Choose which Game Changer Umbrella topic belongs, and what you would like to showcase during your session. Your session should showcase how you are changing the rules of the game

Step 4: After choosing the focus of your session, and how it fits with the theme, see the “pitch your session proposal” form here

Step 5: Contact the people you would like to involve in the session and secure their participation. Proposals with confirmed team members will be given preference.

Step 6. Think about the specific questions asked and information required to duly complete your session pitch. As soon as you have this information, submit your proposal online. Remember! Once you have submitted the proposal you will not be able to make additional changes.



Important Facts & Figures

– Number of interactive Game Changers Sessions: About 15

– Sessions will be live streamed to a virtual audience

– Duration of sessions: 2:00 in total.

– Number of experts per session: 3 maximum

– Session coordinator: 1

– Facilitator: 1 (it can also be one of the experts or the coordinator)

– Kick start introductory speaker: 1   (should be one of the experts)

– 2 Note takers: 1 for laptop 1 for Flipchart

–  Simultaneous translations: Specify the requirements in the online form

– Equipment provided: Lap top, 1 flipchart, beamer, giant screen, stationery

– Young Journalists Anchor: To speak to the online audience participating virtually

– Session Runner: Will be assigned to your team by the Organisers, runner provides troubleshooting support and will collect your session report.



Session Format Overview: The 6 Essentials of Game Changing Solutions

The Game Changers session will open with short introductory contributions (from the podium, to the whole room) by one member of each of the initiatives being showcased and discussed. Following this, the participants will be invited to join the conversation around the initiative(s) being presented, share their own experiences and together, find what from the experiences discussed can the replicated and/or brought to a larger scale.

The conversations shall be framed around the human story behind the initiative and structured around the 6 essentials of Game Changing Solutions:

  1. Understanding the context
  2. Identifying the problem
  3. Designing the solution
  4. Overcoming implementation challenges
  5.  Understanding its impact and the lessons
  6. Designing joint action



Introductory Contribution – Inspirational Kick Off Speech

The introductory contributions are your chance to give an introduction to, and an inspiration on, the topic of the initiative your breakout group will showcase, and how it addresses the conference theme.

We’d like to hear from you how you are changing the rules of the game?  The introductory contributors are welcome to tell a human interest story. The time slot for these contributions is no more than 5 minutes each. Following the introductory kick off speeches, participants will then join the conversation.


Fishbowl Format

During the discussion, what matters most is to share with the audience the 6 essentials of your Game Changing Solution in a engaging way, it’s the human story behind the initiative.

During your session, there will be two circles of chairs for your team to facilitate. The inner circle of chairs will seat the contributors and the participants who are most interested in your initiative (taking an active part of the discussion). The outer circle of chairs seats those who would rather observe and listen. Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the conversations.


Team Roles

  • Expert Delivering Kick Off Inspirational Speech : the person who stands up at the start and inspires interest in your team’s initiative.
  • Session Coordinator:  the person who designs and runs the session. She/he is go-to person after the session (i.e. for participants to connect with afterwards).
  • Flipchart Note-taker: standing (with a flipchart) capturing the threads of the conversations and interesting/insightful comments (useful for Tweets and quotes).
  • Laptop Note-taker (optional): using a laptop to take detailed notes and key information from the session conversations.
  • Expert Contributors: provide expert input during the breakout sessions, and work with the Note-Takers to provide the key information for reporting back.
  • Session Facilitator: motivates the participants to share experiences, ask questions, offer feedback, etc. (i.e. facilitating the flow of the conversation). The facilitator will  coordinate with the young journalist anchors, timing when intervene and pose the questions from the virtual audience.
  • Young Journalist Anchor: speaks to the virtual audience watching online, filtering for the most interesting comments, tweets and posing questions to the circle. 
  • Session Runner: troubleshooting, assisting with logistics and responsible for ensuring the timely deliver of the session report.


Submit your proposal for the IACC Game Changers Global Initiative Sessions here.