Pitch Your Workshop Session

The Workshop Session Formats

Game Changers Fishbowl Model (SESSION TYPE A)

All sessions in the Game Changers part of the agenda will take place in the fish bowl format (this means there will be no panels). The fishbowl format is a great way to ensure a high level of participation from the floor as session team, experts and facilitator sit together in a circle with the audience. Facilitating a conversation with a large group of people in the fishbowl format can be challenging, so if you’d like to use this format and take part in these sessions, be sure to include an experienced facilitator to assume the role of the moderator.

Global Solutions Debate Driven Workshop Model (SESSION TYPE B)

Workshops under the IACC Global Solutions take the form of a more traditional style panel set up. We ask that the moderator and coordinator have a clear objective or question that the session will address.  This format is particularly suited to the conference objectives as it aims to produce clear recommendations and follow up actions. Be sure to set a workshop protocol which includes allocated time to take questions from the floor, thematic contributions from the audience and a space to agree on concrete follow up actions.

Please note!

  • All Game Changers sessions addressing the Conference theme will take place in the fishbowl format (SESSION TYPE A)
  • All workshop sessions addressing the IACC Global Solutions will take place in the debate format (SESSION TYPE B)


Live Streamed to a Virtual Audience 

Each session will be live streamed to a virtual audience on www.15iacc.org. By agreeing to participate in an IACC session, experts and moderators confirm they personally have no objection to having their contribution to the session live-streamed, recorded and documented in the session report. The session coordinator along with the moderator and rapporteur shall write and sign off their final workshop report before it is published online.

As organisers of the global and free platform for discussing solutions to corruption challenges, the 15th IACC organisers cannot be held liable and therefore have no responsibility for the opinions, data and references to people expressed in the session proposal, papers, reports and during the session. This is the exclusive responsibility of the person producing them.

Young Journalist Anchors 

In each session, there will be an IACC young journalist whose role is to serve as a news anchor for the virtual audience watching the session online. The young journalist will speak to the virtual audience during the session, and ask the best questions that have been posed via social media tools to the experts and moderator. The session moderator and the young journalist are obliged to meet at the IACC before the session, and agree on a timeframe for the young journalist to intervene and pose the questions from the virtual audience.