10 November 14:00 – 16:00

Tackling Corruption in Sports: Moving Values between the Pitch and the Corridors of Power

Session Description

The session will set the topic “Good Governance in Sport Processes” – with a special attention to sport bodies – presenting a specific approach based on the combination between advocating for/introducing innovative solutions in organizational models (in federations, sport clubs, public and private sport entities) and implementing educational/training activities strictly linked to play-grounds and schools/universities.

The session will outline possible synergies and alliances for “combined effects” between the “rules/values dynamics in sport organization governance” and the “rules/values dynamics on the sport practicing fields”. In this framework, athlets themselves – from early age till post-career phases – are considered potential main “agents of change”.

The session will face questions like the need of finding efficient balances between actions aimed at short term and the ones aimed at medium/long term effects, and between external/public opinion pressure for change and autonomous reform-capacity. Behaviours in the “corridors of power” are strictly linked to its “relational model” with the “pitch” (the daily play-grounds of million of sport practioners, including top level athletes) and with the “set of grass-root values” which characterize sports.

The seminar will pursue to mix analysis of the phenomena and applicative cases/instruments, so that theory and practice are engaged in a virtous circle: experts will share informations and experiences coming from both areas. The session moves along the “hypothesis” that in the world of sports tackling corruption means also “connecting agents of change” in playgrounds/civil society and decision-making boards. “Mobilising people” in the world of sports means – “simply” – mobilising millions of athletes and sport practitioners.

Three key concepts will be examined and discussed in connection with an ongoing pilot-case: the Rule Building concept focused on shared and participated rule-setting processes/procedures; a Multi-Responsibility model which includes all subjects involved in the “sport process”; and a Local/Global (Glocal) approach based on territory action connected with world-wide networks.
Much space will be dedicated to a substantial interaction with the audience, aiming both at networking existing good practices and at better defining the proposed key-concepts and tools.

Session coordinator’s name:
Paolo Bertaccini Bonoli
University of Bergamo, Italy

Session /Moderator
Paolo Bertaccini Bonoli
University of Bergamo, Italy

Katia Rubio, Brasil
USP, Sao Paulo
Topic: Voices of the Athlets: practicing Olympic or human values?

Jens Sejer Andersen, Denmark
Play The Game
Topic: Seven Sins of Omission in Sports

Paolo Bertaccini Bonoli, Italy
University of Bergamo, Italy
Topic: The South/East “Ethic Sport District” in Milan: an ongoing pilot-practice for good governance in sports focused on territorial and multi-responsibility approach.

Jean Claude Mugabo, Rwanda
Muni Onlus
Topic: “Athlet’s Island”: an epistemological fairy tale as an educational/training tool for an efficient Rule Building process.

Simona Habic
Transparency International Slovenia

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