10 November 09:00 – 11:00

Preventing corruption through a sectoral approach: Experiences and voices from the field

Session Description

It has been realized that sectoral approach to fighting corruption significantly helps to accelerate the progress to achieve MDGs and other development goals.
First, sectoral strategies can reinforce and extend the effectiveness of general public administration reforms and good governance initiatives. Second, sectoral strategies also allow practitioners to draw on our deep knowledge of the environment to understand the risks, pressures, and resistance to reforms, and third, leadership and public support, which have strong impact on political will for governance reform, may be stronger in some sectors compared to others.

This workshop will try to address the issues such as why we need to fight corruption through sectors and whether it is effective or not. The workshop will feature speakers from UNDP, WHO, UNESCO, SIWI, WIN/Video Volunteers who will present experiences from the field and share their views on why the work in sectors matters.

Session coordinator’s name:
Aida Arutyunova

Session /Moderator
Joy Aceron
Program Director
Government Watch (G-Watch)/ Political Democracy and Reforms (PODER)
Ateneo School of Government

Anga Timilsina
Topic: “Why work in sector matters? UNDP’s experiences on sectoral approach”

Muriel Poisson

Moses Chisale
WHO Good Governance Programme

Maria Jacobson
Topic: “Water integrity in practice – Lessons learned from using a sectoral approach to anti-corruption”

Jessica Mayberry
WIN/Video Volunteers
Topic: “Mobilizing communities for water sector integrity”

Diana Torres

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